Photo Club Meetings Conclude with Annual Photo Show!

Photo Club Exhibit  – The Landlovers Photography Club will showcase its members’ best work at its Third Annual Photography Exhibition at the offices of Wells Fargo Advisors, 6 Village Walk, across from Four Seasons Travel. An opening reception will be held from 4:30 to 6:30 pm on April 4. Exhibit hours will be 9 am to 5 pm on Wednesday, April 5, and Thursday, April 6.  Come view a variety of perspectives of our island and the world!

Photo Club meetings began at 3:45 p.m. at the Methodist church, in Bailey Hall. 

Our October meeting featured resident astrophotography expert Carl Kotheimer, who presented amazing images of galaxies, nebulas and more – all  taken in his driveway!

At November’s meeting, John Ufford provided great information on tips and tricks while shooting with an iPhone.  At January’s meeting, Terry Breyman  related his experiences in Africa and wowed us with his safari photos.

February featured internationally-recognized professional photographer Heinz Lechner, and the March guest speaker was Robin Clark of Memory Lane Photo Restoration who shared her passion for heirloom photos and glass negatives.

Our year of fun and learning concludes with our annual photo exhibition in April. Hope to see y’all in the fall!

Meeting dates for 2022-23:

Oct 18      Nov 15    Dec  15 holiday party

Jan 17       Feb 21       March 21

April 4, 5 & 6 our annual photo exhibit at Wells Fargo Advisors

Note: There are no photo club dues this year, but you must be a member of Landlovers. Landlovers dues are payable online at Landings

Gallery at right: Our last two assignments were reflections, inspired by Heinz Lechner’s masterful techniques, and shooting from a ground level.  

REMINDER: To participate in Photo Club, you must be a member of Landlovers.  If you haven’t joined, sign up online at

Tribute to Our Churches

The photo club did a photo essay in tribute to Skidaway’s churches which provide so much support to our community. Click below to view “Grateful Praise.”

Grateful Praise



Photo Waiver for “Skidaway Snapshots”

The photo club’s group project this year is “Skidaway Snapshots – a Slice of Island Life at the Landings.”  All identifiable persons in your photo must sign a photo release form. If you need more forms, click here:

photo release waiver

Project Objectives:

  1. to CREATIVELY represent a typical 24 hours at The Landings, by capturing not just the beauty of our island, but the LIFE here – the people and activities that enliven the island.
  2. to spark creativity and produce a group project

Mission: take creative photos of residents fishing, boating, biking, hiking, golfing, quilting, eating and drinking, playing cards etc, as well as staff prepping or serving food, mixing a drink, mowing greens, etc.

When: shoot and submit ANYTIME before March 31


  • Have all identifiable persons sign a release form
  • Note the TIME /HOUR the photo was taken
  • Email your photos to and turn in release forms by March 31

Final Product photos will be put in chronological order so they represent a typical 24-hour period.  The resulting PowerPoint could go on Landlovers website, or maybe on The Landings website!

The “Skidaway Snapshot” PowerPoint will be unveiled at our last meeting, May 5.

With Heartfelt Thanks

Thanks to the extreme generosity of our members, the club presented flowers and gift certificates to out-going club leaders Sherri Reddick and Michael Siegel at our September meeting, in recognition of all their time and efforts during the past three years. We are also grateful to Terry Breyman who is now our PowerPoint master, and Dawn Cordo who volunteered to handle our money matters. Many thanks to all! – Amy C




Landlovers Photography Club In Full Swing

The 2018-2019 season of the Landlovers Photography Club is in full swing.  Since kicking things off in October, we’ve had great meetings, really interesting guest speakers, wonderful photos taken by our members for our Monthly Assignment Photo Galleries, and a Winter Social and Group Photo Shoot at Delegal Marina (Check out the photo on the right.)  And ten new members joined our Club. Welcome!

At our meeting on January 15, our Club Co-Leader, Amy Collings, gave a talk on the “Evolution of Travel Photography”.  It was fascinating to see the earliest travel photos taken in the mid-19th century with cameras so big and heavy they needed to be moved around on wheels! And then to see how travel photos slowly changed over the years from flat, generally uninteresting compositions to beautifully composed images used in travelogues and published in books was really interesting.  Thanks, Amy!

For those of you not familiar with our club, for the last five years The Landlovers Photography Club has been helping our members, who range from beginners to experts, improve their skills and enjoy photography in a friendly, supportive group setting. To join us, you must first be a member of The Landings Landlovers. Once you join Landlovers, you can join our club for just $20 for the year, which goes to special events, group outings, and photography resources that any of our members can use for free. You do not have to pay to attend your first meeting. Come join us and, if you like what you see, you can pay us then.




March Photo Gallery – “Low Light and Night Photography”

Walt Tompkins – “Harbor Lights”
Sherri Reddick – Stairwell at Two Meeting House Place, Charleston
Sherri Reddick – Dusk at Two Meeting House Place, Charleston
Sherri Reddick – Danube Cruise, Parliament and Bridge
Bruna Dinetz – “The Canyons Village”
Cary Shapoff – “An Evening at the Thimbles”
Cary Shapoff – “Chain Bridge, Budapest”
Cary Shapoff – “Csaba’s New Home”
Cary Shapoff – “The Wine Cave Tasting Room”
Cary Shapoff – “The Wine Cave”
Dawn Cordo – “Heart”
Dawn Cordo – “Love Lights”
Donna Bunn – “Balloon Fest, Cincinnati”
Ed Shapoff – “Shanghai at Night”
Michael Siegel – “Ghost Birds”
Howard Hackney – “Full Morning Moon”
Jayne Rogers – “Full Moon Over the Marsh”
Jim Guerard – “Denali Sunrise”
Jim Guerard – “Northern Lights in Iceland”
Jim Guerard – “Patagonia Sunrise”
Jim Guerard – “Sunset, Sydney, Australia”
Jim Guerard – “The Louvre During the Blue Hour”
Karen Dove-Barr – “Last Christmas”
Linda Copeland – “Beachfront Sunrise”
Linda Copeland – “Walk Toward the Light”
Michael Siegel – “Eerie Florida Night”
Michael Siegel – “Gaslight”
Amy Collings – “Doorway”
Anne Wasse-Lyon – “Sunset on the Lagoon”

February Photo Assignment – “Black and White Images”

Maureen Gordon - "Bradley Key"
Maureen Gordon – “Bradley Key”


Walt Tompkins - Kayak ViewWalt Tompkins – Kayak View


Sheila Grossman - "Cotton Grows in the Galapagos"
Sheila Grossman – “Cotton Grows in the Galapagos”
Toni Floyd - "Stormy"
Toni Floyd – “Stormy”
Sherri Reddick - "Chessboard"
Sherri Reddick – “Chessboard”
Piper Hawes - "Hanging Out"
Piper Hawes – “Hanging Out”
Peggy Lanahan - "Sweetie"
Peggy Lanahan – “Sweetie”
Pam McCloskey - "Home Sweet Home"
Pam McCloskey – “Home Sweet Home”
Michael Siegel - "Foggy Morning, Destin, FL"
Michael Siegel – “Foggy Morning, Destin, FL”
Michael Robinson - "Middleton Plantation, SC"
Michael Robinson – “Middleton Plantation, SC”
Lynne Norton - "Delegal Sunrise"
Lynne Norton – “Delegal Sunrise”
Linda Copeland - "Left Behind"
Linda Copeland – “Left Behind”
Kim Huffman - "Stretch"
Kim Huffman – “Stretch”
Karen Dove-Barr - "Burnside Island Foggy Morning"
Karen Dove-Barr – “Burnside Island Foggy Morning”
Judy Case - "Hidden Animals"
Judy Case – “Hidden Animals”
Jim Guerard - "Pausing To Reflect"
Jim Guerard – “Pausing To Reflect”
Ina Altman - "Black and White in B&W"
Ina Altman – “Black and White in B&W”
Fred Langley - "Siesta"
Fred Langley – “Siesta”
Fitz Clark - "Great Egret"
Fitz Clark – “Great Egret”
Ed Shapoff - "Surgery in Antigua, Guatemala"
Ed Shapoff – “Surgery in Antigua, Guatemala”
Doug Herrick - "Sidewalk in Savannah, Bay Street"
Doug Herrick – “Sidewalk in Savannah, Bay Street”
Donna Bunn - "Venice Museum & Archives, Venice Beach, FL"
Donna Bunn – “Venice Museum & Archives, Venice Beach, FL”
Dawn Cordo - "Serenity"
Dawn Cordo – “Serenity”
Cary Shapoff - "Golden Year Ford in the Jungle, Antigua, Guatemala"
Cary Shapoff – “Golden Year Ford in the Jungle, Antigua, Guatemala”
Bruna Dinetz - "Miami Wuthering Heights"
Bruna Dinetz – “Miami Wuthering Heights”
Art Altman - "Colored Flowers in B&W"
Art Altman – “Colored Flowers in B&W”
Amy Collings - "The Light at the End of the Tunnel"
Amy Collings – “The Light at the End of the Tunnel”
Al Frank - "Amsterdam Canal"
Al Frank – “Amsterdam Canal”

October Photo Club Gallery – Close-up Nature Photos (Click on the first image to see a Slideshow)


September Assignment – “Summer Memories” Gallery

Landlovers Photo Club Meeting Notes – 9-20-2016

Below is a link to the PowerPoint slides from the Landlovers Photo Club meeting on September 20, 2016. The Photo Gallery is not included and will be posted to the website separately.


Click on the link. You will be asked to either “Save” or “Save As” the file.  “Save” will place the file in the Download file on your computer and immediately allow you to Open and view the slides.



Photo Tips and Tricks

Talk about a late entry! Sorry! In March, I presented a program on being a bit “creative” with not just photography, but even the equipment used. As an example, I took the finial off of a table lamp and screwed my camera to the top of the lamp. Voila! It becomes a makeshift tripod. Try dazzling family at the next get-together with that little trick when it’s time for the group photo on a timer, so you can get in the action as well!

I also demonstrated some examples of what can be done with photoshop for those who like to experiment. Rather than me reiterating the session, just do a search for Photoshop levitation photography, or cleaning up unwanted items from travel photography.

And we discussed making bokeh shapes using cutouts placed over your lens. Again, that is a technique that takes some practice, but if you are looking for a challenge over the summer, it’s rather fun.

A bit more low tech is adding saran wrap to your lens that is then completely or partially smeared with petroleum jelly. Makes quite an impact and you can get different results with variations. Overall, just experiment and let your camera guide you! Try taking a photo of reflections in water puddles, through bubbles, of shadow shapes…… just play! Thank you to the few who took on the challenge for a photo assignment of “playing” with your camera! Linda

Taking Portraits in a Studio Lighting Set-Up


We had a very interesting session in the Photography Club last month. We explored portrait lighting using three different backgrounds and lighting kits. I gave a brief presentation of the various kinds of portrait lighting. If you haven’t seen it yet, click Studio lighting February 2016 to access the pdf file from the presentation.

We then broke into groups and each group was given the opportunity to take portraits against a white, black or mottled blue background with a mixture of light sources. Below you will find a variety of shots taken by all of our groups. Please take a couple of minutes to look through them and see the difference the background, lighting and composition makes.




Passing on some great online resources!

Thanks to everyone in the club who continues to keep us posted about great articles and online sites! There is no end to what we can learn by looking for information from that mysterious place known as “the web”!

A few places that I would suggest you check out are listed here:

Both of those sites offer a chance to subscribe to regular emails that offer instructional content and links to other great sites.  Another is:

Scott Kelby is a leading professional educational photographer and this site is full of tutorials that can be purchased one at a time or in packages.  I believe there is even a “try it for free” offer.  If you ever want to learn more on Lightroom, Photoshop, or just plain digital photography/videography, you can find a tutorial here.

Remember also to check out YouTube!  Anyone can place videos there and you will find many on just about any topic you are interested in, and some you probably would never have dreamed of…… for free.  There are more out there!  Just do a search one day on digital photography websites and you will find a big list.  Some are great, some not so much, but you WILL find one that answers any question you might have!  Happy searching!