So what’s bracketing? The short answer is that bracketing is taking the same photo more than once using different settings for different exposures. Why would you do this? For one, you get used to what your camera can do when YOU are in control. For another, it’s step one toward other techniques like HDR photography. Most DSLR cameras have a setting for Automatic Exposure Bracketing (AEB) which combines at least 3 exposures of the same image with one click of the shutter.  Our members have submitted a variety of photos demonstrating the tweaks in exposure that can be done through, changes in shutter speed, aperture or f-stop, or ISO.  A few even sent in the composite photos.  Thanks to everyone and I hope you learned something new or found it rewarding to learn just a bit more about your camera! Hover over the images for the photographer’s name and meta data.  Linda