Group Photography Workshop

Here, you will be able to view your attempts at group photography in our workshop!  We were well attended and will try probably to do something similar this next year, but with a twist.  While we were not at all under ideal conditions in such a short time and so large of a group, I think its safe to say that everyone took away some important tips, not the least of which is that as the photographer, YOU ARE IN CHARGE!  The more personable you are and a directional leader, the more your group photo sessions will go smoothly!  Many, if not all, caught on to the use of triangles to find a pleasing composition.

I mentioned in my email earlier, but will repeat, that if you have a desire to set up your own inside studio using the umbrella lights, the set that I have is available.  I just used it for my grandchildren and had a blast.  I think they did as well!    I used a big roll of canvas that my artist husband had for a background, but any consistent color background will work.   My grandson said that mine made the pictures like like they were nowhere!  (Interesting idea…. )

If you hover your mouse over the photos, you will see who did them and any info shared.  Clicking on the photo will bring it in larger.