Photographing small objects AND wildlife guest speakers


Thank you to all who contributed to this first assignment of the new Landlovers year, that being a call for photos of an object 3″ or less in size.  It was interesting to see where you took that suggestion and loved that many took advantage of light, composition, backgrounds, depth of field, etc., to enhance your chosen subject.  Thanks also to those who sent your photos in a reduced format.   And remember that we are happy to help with any questions you may have about that.  Any photographs that I did not receive in time for the power point I have included in this photo group on the blog.  While we did not spend time on each photo during the meeting in order to save our time for our guest speakers, if any one wants feedback on your photos, just let Sheila or I know.

If you were at our meeting on the 21st, you know we were treated to guest speakers, Bruce and Mary Lou Dickson, wildlife photographers.  They brought a good sampling of their equipment, including their 500mm prime lens attached to their field tripod!  I have attached the link for their website which does include information about classes and workshops they are conducting in our area.  The Dicksons’ are stationed in Savannah National Wildlife Refuge for the  winter, now through about mid-March.  They have also said they are available for small groups who would like to put together a customized daylong workshop on use of “manual” settings for your camera, Photoshop, Lightroom, etc.  Not only are they knowledgable, but entertaining as speakers… a rare combination and certainly a treat.  Dickson Photography

Our next meeting is November 18th, 4:00 pm at Messiah Lutheran Church, Skidaway Island and will begin to introduce you to “flash photography”.   In the mean time, the new assignment is to submit ONE newly taken photograph of an example of wildlife in and around our coastal area.  We are asking that you step outside your comfort zone and if you usually take insect photos, try animals, if you usually shoot birds, see if you can catch site of something different.  And of course if you haven’t ever tried to photograph any of our wildlife neighbors, go for whatever you can find!  PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR PHOTOS TO MYSELF OR SHEILA BY NOVEMBER 13.  Happy Shooting!