Using Outdoor Fill Flash

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In November, we had a meeting that focused on flash photography.  We covered things like what is flash photography and why we should use it; red-eye and red-eye reduction; direct vs. indirect flash (bounce); fill flash (using the flash in an outdoor setting to get rid of shadows on faces, under hats, etc.).  Click Handout on Flash Photography to view the handout from that session.

The homework assignment was to submit 2 photos of the same subject, one with and one without fill flash. Here are samples of what was submitted:

Mary Molnar:

Molnar Backlit roses with fill flashMolnar Backlit roses

Pam McCloskey:

McKloskey Flash 2 McCloskey Flash 1

Mike Hazuda:

Hazuda fill Hazuda no fill

Glen Haycock:

Laycock fill Laycock no cill