Landlovers Photo Club Meeting Notes – 9-20-2016

Below is a link to the PowerPoint slides from the Landlovers Photo Club meeting on September 20, 2016. The Photo Gallery is not included and will be posted to the website separately.


Click on the link. You will be asked to either “Save” or “Save As” the file.  “Save” will place the file in the Download file on your computer and immediately allow you to Open and view the slides.  If you choose “Save As”, you can select where on your computer you want to save it before you open it.  For example, if you create a “Photo Club” file on your computer where you can store all the files we will be providing this year (this is a good idea), then you can save the file as “Photo Club Meeting Notes – 9-20-16”. If you have a problem, please e-mail us at

Next meeting – Tuesday, October 18, 3:45 PM, Skidaway Island Methodist Church