Monthly Assignment Photo Gallery – “RED”

Walt Thompson – “Stairway to Heaven”
Michael Siegel – “Totem”
Amy Collings – “Spitting Image”
Anne Wasse-Lyon – “Gulf Fritillary”
Bruna Dinetz – “Rosso di Sera”
Cary Shapoff – “London Red”
Cary Shapoff – “PHO-tograph in Red”
Dawn Cordo – “Bottle Brush in the Snow”
Dawn Cordo – “Face in the Flower”
Doug Herrick – “Autumn in Savannah”
Ed Shapoff – “Pisa In Red”
Howard Hackney – “Tybee Cardinal”
Ina Altman – “Stained Glass Lily”
Jayne Rogers – “Bottlebrush Rocket”
Jim Guerard – “Patience”
Kim Huffman – “Savannahs Best”
Lynne Norton – “Cardinal Snack”
Maureen Gordon – “Maxi Macaw”
Michael Hazuda – “Bright Bottle Brush”
Michael Hazuda – “Driving Away!”
Michael Siegel – “Sun Ripe”
Pam McCluskey – “Cardinal In Snow”
Peg Lanahan – “Nice Day for a Ride”
Peg Lanahan – “This Bud’s For You”
Robin Clark – “Weighing the Bounty”
Sheila Grossman – “Sally Lightfoot Crabs”
Sherri Reddick – “Farm Stand Fresh”
Sherri Reddick – “Looking Up”
Toni Floyd – “Birdfeeder and Bubbles”
Toni Floyd – “Come One, Come All”
Trudy Smith – “Bluffton Firedog”
Vicki Hale – “Changing of the Guard”
Walt Thompson – “Rocky Redux”

This month’s assignment was to submit photos where the color red is an integral element of the image or contributes to the overall artistic impact of the image.  Lots of interesting and different photos from our members.