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Taking Portraits in a Studio Lighting Set-Up


We had a very interesting session in the Photography Club last month. We explored portrait lighting using three different backgrounds and lighting kits. I gave a brief presentation of the various kinds of portrait lighting. If you haven’t seen it yet, click Studio lighting February 2016 to access the pdf file from the presentation.

We then broke into groups and each group was given the opportunity to take portraits against a white, black or mottled blue background with a mixture of light sources. Below you will find a variety of shots taken by all of our groups. Please take a couple of minutes to look through them and see the difference the background, lighting and composition makes.




Printing Photographs – January 9th Lunch & Learn

Shari Zellers from MyPhotopipe in Atlanta was our speaker. She is also an award winning photographer in her own right, but for MyPhotopipe, wears a number of hats, mostly working with professionals and consumers over the phone to answer all questions for the best way to get what’s on your camera/computer into print.

She spoke about the importance of monitor calibration so that the color on your monitor matches what you get back from the lab. She supplied attendees with a calibration sheet and the website explains how to do do the process.

Based on what we learned in Shari’s presentation, Linda & Sheila have purchased (with your dues money) a Datacolor Spyder5 Express monitor calibration tool that will soon be available FOR LOAN to club members who wish to try calibrating their monitors.

Shari also gave out sample packs of the different papers they offer. If you didn’t attend the meeting, the sample packs are available free through the company. And there were discount coupons! You can contact Shari through the website above or by calling 800-838-3146 or 404-881-3855.

While this sounds a bit like a meeting based on promoting a professional photo lab, it’s one of only a handful of companies that fits the mold of one that works with pros and hobbyists without distinction. It’s worth knowing what that kind of photo lab can do for you. Shari suggests that if you use their service and have and questions, you should call and mention that she spoke at our club to give her a reference and she will give you personal attention. She does so anyway, but she likes to hear from places where she has spoken.

Here is the link to Shari’s presentation: Shari Zellers presentation


September 16th Meeting Recap

At the September 15th Meeting of the Landlovers Photo Club we reviewed the elements of exposure (shutter speed, aperture and ISO).  Here are the examples submitted by Photo Club members of good exposure:

We also covered the basics of composition (focal point, rule of thirds, framing your subject, using lines to draw the viewer into your picture, balance and telling a story).  Here are the examples of good composition:


The assignment for this month is to shoot something small (not larger than 3X3 inches), making sure that it is separated from the background. Please email them to Sheila Grossman ( and Linda Copeland ( by October 14th. We are asking that you submit pictures that are between 300-800kb in size.