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Landlovers Photography Club Members’ Photo Exhibition

On April 17 and 18th, the Landlovers Photography Club hosted its first ever Members’ Photo Exhibition. The event took place at the Wells Fargo Private Bank office in The Village. Many thanks to our incredible Wells Fargo hosts, Chris Frohn and Nancy Cvetan.

Twenty-five club members (nearly half of our total membership!) submitted photos for the event. For many, this was the first time they had ever displayed a photo in public. We are so proud of everyone who participated in what we intend to make an annual event.

Below are photos from the exhibition. To view larger images in a Slide Show format, simply click on the first image. I think you will agree that we have some very talented people in our group. Enjoy!


January Photo Assignment Gallery – “Reflections”

Below are the interesting photos our members submitted for January’s Photo Assignment, “Reflections”.

Michael Siegel – The Old Man and the Tea
Mike Hazuda – Snowy Morning Reflection
Pam McCloskey – Foggy Reflections
Piper Hawes – Swan Lake
Sherri Reddick – GE
Amy Collings – Reflections on Dali
Art Altman – Great Blue Heron
Buna Dinetz – Miami Sky
Buna Dinetz – Serendipity
Christine Cheng – A Calm Day in the Kayak
Danae Goldberg – Reflections in Central Park
David Brooks – Lagoon
Cordo – Reptilian Gridlock
Edgar Yu – Looking Across Madison Avenue
Fitz Clarke – Overwintering Kildeer
Fred Langley – Enjoying the Sunset, Copenhagen
Howard Hackney – Hooded Merganser
Howard Hackney – Jackson Barn Schwabachers
Ina Altman – Great Blue Heron, Too
Jayne Rogers – Skidaways Fading Fall
Jim Guerard – New Zealand
Kaye Nazarian – Heron
Lynne Norton – Visit With The Turtles At The Aquarium
Marilyn Brady – Quiet Harbor
Maureen Gordon – Its Reflected

Monthly Assignment Photo Gallery – “RED”

Walt Thompson – “Stairway to Heaven”
Michael Siegel – “Totem”
Amy Collings – “Spitting Image”
Anne Wasse-Lyon – “Gulf Fritillary”
Bruna Dinetz – “Rosso di Sera”
Cary Shapoff – “London Red”
Cary Shapoff – “PHO-tograph in Red”
Dawn Cordo – “Bottle Brush in the Snow”
Dawn Cordo – “Face in the Flower”
Doug Herrick – “Autumn in Savannah”
Ed Shapoff – “Pisa In Red”
Howard Hackney – “Tybee Cardinal”
Ina Altman – “Stained Glass Lily”
Jayne Rogers – “Bottlebrush Rocket”
Jim Guerard – “Patience”
Kim Huffman – “Savannahs Best”
Lynne Norton – “Cardinal Snack”
Maureen Gordon – “Maxi Macaw”
Michael Hazuda – “Bright Bottle Brush”
Michael Hazuda – “Driving Away!”
Michael Siegel – “Sun Ripe”
Pam McCluskey – “Cardinal In Snow”
Peg Lanahan – “Nice Day for a Ride”
Peg Lanahan – “This Bud’s For You”
Robin Clark – “Weighing the Bounty”
Sheila Grossman – “Sally Lightfoot Crabs”
Sherri Reddick – “Farm Stand Fresh”
Sherri Reddick – “Looking Up”
Toni Floyd – “Birdfeeder and Bubbles”
Toni Floyd – “Come One, Come All”
Trudy Smith – “Bluffton Firedog”
Vicki Hale – “Changing of the Guard”
Walt Thompson – “Rocky Redux”

This month’s assignment was to submit photos where the color red is an integral element of the image or contributes to the overall artistic impact of the image.  Lots of interesting and different photos from our members.


March Photo Gallery – “Low Light and Night Photography”

Walt Tompkins – “Harbor Lights”
Sherri Reddick – Stairwell at Two Meeting House Place, Charleston
Sherri Reddick – Dusk at Two Meeting House Place, Charleston
Sherri Reddick – Danube Cruise, Parliament and Bridge
Bruna Dinetz – “The Canyons Village”
Cary Shapoff – “An Evening at the Thimbles”
Cary Shapoff – “Chain Bridge, Budapest”
Cary Shapoff – “Csaba’s New Home”
Cary Shapoff – “The Wine Cave Tasting Room”
Cary Shapoff – “The Wine Cave”
Dawn Cordo – “Heart”
Dawn Cordo – “Love Lights”
Donna Bunn – “Balloon Fest, Cincinnati”
Ed Shapoff – “Shanghai at Night”
Michael Siegel – “Ghost Birds”
Howard Hackney – “Full Morning Moon”
Jayne Rogers – “Full Moon Over the Marsh”
Jim Guerard – “Denali Sunrise”
Jim Guerard – “Northern Lights in Iceland”
Jim Guerard – “Patagonia Sunrise”
Jim Guerard – “Sunset, Sydney, Australia”
Jim Guerard – “The Louvre During the Blue Hour”
Karen Dove-Barr – “Last Christmas”
Linda Copeland – “Beachfront Sunrise”
Linda Copeland – “Walk Toward the Light”
Michael Siegel – “Eerie Florida Night”
Michael Siegel – “Gaslight”
Amy Collings – “Doorway”
Anne Wasse-Lyon – “Sunset on the Lagoon”

February Photo Assignment – “Black and White Images”

Maureen Gordon - "Bradley Key"
Maureen Gordon – “Bradley Key”


Walt Tompkins - Kayak ViewWalt Tompkins – Kayak View


Sheila Grossman - "Cotton Grows in the Galapagos"
Sheila Grossman – “Cotton Grows in the Galapagos”
Toni Floyd - "Stormy"
Toni Floyd – “Stormy”
Sherri Reddick - "Chessboard"
Sherri Reddick – “Chessboard”
Piper Hawes - "Hanging Out"
Piper Hawes – “Hanging Out”
Peggy Lanahan - "Sweetie"
Peggy Lanahan – “Sweetie”
Pam McCloskey - "Home Sweet Home"
Pam McCloskey – “Home Sweet Home”
Michael Siegel - "Foggy Morning, Destin, FL"
Michael Siegel – “Foggy Morning, Destin, FL”
Michael Robinson - "Middleton Plantation, SC"
Michael Robinson – “Middleton Plantation, SC”
Lynne Norton - "Delegal Sunrise"
Lynne Norton – “Delegal Sunrise”
Linda Copeland - "Left Behind"
Linda Copeland – “Left Behind”
Kim Huffman - "Stretch"
Kim Huffman – “Stretch”
Karen Dove-Barr - "Burnside Island Foggy Morning"
Karen Dove-Barr – “Burnside Island Foggy Morning”
Judy Case - "Hidden Animals"
Judy Case – “Hidden Animals”
Jim Guerard - "Pausing To Reflect"
Jim Guerard – “Pausing To Reflect”
Ina Altman - "Black and White in B&W"
Ina Altman – “Black and White in B&W”
Fred Langley - "Siesta"
Fred Langley – “Siesta”
Fitz Clark - "Great Egret"
Fitz Clark – “Great Egret”
Ed Shapoff - "Surgery in Antigua, Guatemala"
Ed Shapoff – “Surgery in Antigua, Guatemala”
Doug Herrick - "Sidewalk in Savannah, Bay Street"
Doug Herrick – “Sidewalk in Savannah, Bay Street”
Donna Bunn - "Venice Museum & Archives, Venice Beach, FL"
Donna Bunn – “Venice Museum & Archives, Venice Beach, FL”
Dawn Cordo - "Serenity"
Dawn Cordo – “Serenity”
Cary Shapoff - "Golden Year Ford in the Jungle, Antigua, Guatemala"
Cary Shapoff – “Golden Year Ford in the Jungle, Antigua, Guatemala”
Bruna Dinetz - "Miami Wuthering Heights"
Bruna Dinetz – “Miami Wuthering Heights”
Art Altman - "Colored Flowers in B&W"
Art Altman – “Colored Flowers in B&W”
Amy Collings - "The Light at the End of the Tunnel"
Amy Collings – “The Light at the End of the Tunnel”
Al Frank - "Amsterdam Canal"
Al Frank – “Amsterdam Canal”

October Photo Club Gallery – Close-up Nature Photos (Click on the first image to see a Slideshow)