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May Photo Assignment – “Every Picture Tells (or Has) a Story”

This month’s assignment was to submit a photo that either tells a story or for which there is an interesting story about how the photo came to be taken. I think you’ll agree that our members’ photos tell some very interesting stories…

Pam McCluskey – “Robin Happy Hour” – “The chances of catching this particular shot again are pretty slim. 11 robins having a drink on their way south. It was taken in December.”
Mike Hazuda – “Wedding at Oakridge”
Michael Siegel – “New Life” – “A heavy June rain caused the Turtle Pond at the UGA Marine Extension and Aquarium to overflow. An enterprising (and determined) female Yellow-bellied Slider Turtle crawled out of the pond, made her way across the front lawn to a tree she liked and proceeded to dig a nest. Then, to the delight of the Marine Science Campers who were there (and me), she laid seven eggs, buried them, and made her way back to the pond. Amazing!”
Jayne Rogers – “I Can’t Believe What I’m Seeing!”
Fitz Clarke – “Fiery Skipper” – “The photo of this tiny female Fiery Skipper butterfly (wingspan only 1.2”) was taken at The Landing’s Sparrow Field Pollinator Garden Berm. It captures the extended proboscis, three legs from thorax and ventral view. I spent 30 minutes on a portable stool studying the nectaring insects on this nectar source in order to better understand the ecological relationships between our plants and wildlife.”
Ed Shapoff – “Beautiful Guatemalan Lady” – “While photographing patients and family members on my surgical mission trip to Guatemala in 2016, I took this photo of a beautiful Guatemalan Lady.  She was not smiling in my first photo (I always show the people the photo I took).  She then asked in Spanish could I take one more so she could smile.  She was not the patient, rather she had brought her sister to the hospital for a surgical evaluation.”
Ed Case – “On The Feeder” – “The Rose Breasted Grosbeak is not native to our area, but might be sighted on its way north in the spring.  This male joined me for breakfast a few weeks ago and I was able to get these shots while I was seated at the kitchen table, shooting through the window. My breakfast friend hung around all day munching on the feeder and the next day he was history.”
Dawn Cordo – “Beauty on the Beach” – “A favorite part of our trips to Hilton Head is watching our dog, Murray, running  through the grasses on the dunes or on the beach or in the water.  He’s free, smiling and happy.   Seeing him so unreserved brings peace and calm to the soul!”
Bruna Dinetz – “Coastal Queen” – “Dozens of beautiful boats pass in front of my house every day. I used to have a power boat when living on Long Island and I have fond memories of the trips and adventures with “Nauty Gal”, but this boat in particular struck my mind. The Coastal Queen is the type of boat I wanted to live on and explore rivers and lakes and oceans  when retired.  Who knows, maybe one day…”
Art Altman – “Close Encounter”
Amy Collings – “So THAT’S How They Do That!” – “This was my first SCAD sidewalk chalk show, and I had always wondered how it’s done, how they get such detail with chalk. This photo shows “how it’s done:” with brushes, a cup of diluted chalk, water bottle, smudge rags and a template illustration.”
Walt Thompson – “Evolution Theory”
Trudy Smith – “The Birthday Gift” – “Sunday morning, October, 2014, sleeping soundly when the phone rang before 7 a.m. A frantic friend begged a favor to take her place to make coffee for the early morning bible study at church. Oh man, my birthday, and now have to rush rush, and it’s freezing out, and I’m just not filled with brotherly love. Got the coffee pot perking and walked outside to a light so rare I literally ran to my car to grab my point and shoot. Sun was just burning through the chilly fog. And there it was-clinging to the railing, a web laden with perfect droplets. It would be gone in minutes with full sun. No one saw that but me, on that day, on my birthday. It was my gift.”
Toni Floyd – “Hungry Curiosity” – “I took this with my iPhone 6 while walking on the beach at Tybee last Spring with my six year old grandson.  He was throwing popcorn in the air and catching it in his mouth when suddenly the seagulls flew toward us.”
Terry Breyman – “Buffalo in Trouble”
Sherri Reddick – “Shredding” – “My nephews, Aiden and Daniel, who were not yet 2, had come for the weekend. They were far more interested in random household items than the few toys I had for them. The activity they enjoyed the most was going into my recycling basket removing the paper and tearing it to shreds. It drove Paul crazy but I thought if it made them happy they should go for it.”
Piper Hawes – “Waiting to Meet Baby Brother”

March Photo Gallery – “Low Light and Night Photography”

Walt Tompkins – “Harbor Lights”
Sherri Reddick – Stairwell at Two Meeting House Place, Charleston
Sherri Reddick – Dusk at Two Meeting House Place, Charleston
Sherri Reddick – Danube Cruise, Parliament and Bridge
Bruna Dinetz – “The Canyons Village”
Cary Shapoff – “An Evening at the Thimbles”
Cary Shapoff – “Chain Bridge, Budapest”
Cary Shapoff – “Csaba’s New Home”
Cary Shapoff – “The Wine Cave Tasting Room”
Cary Shapoff – “The Wine Cave”
Dawn Cordo – “Heart”
Dawn Cordo – “Love Lights”
Donna Bunn – “Balloon Fest, Cincinnati”
Ed Shapoff – “Shanghai at Night”
Michael Siegel – “Ghost Birds”
Howard Hackney – “Full Morning Moon”
Jayne Rogers – “Full Moon Over the Marsh”
Jim Guerard – “Denali Sunrise”
Jim Guerard – “Northern Lights in Iceland”
Jim Guerard – “Patagonia Sunrise”
Jim Guerard – “Sunset, Sydney, Australia”
Jim Guerard – “The Louvre During the Blue Hour”
Karen Dove-Barr – “Last Christmas”
Linda Copeland – “Beachfront Sunrise”
Linda Copeland – “Walk Toward the Light”
Michael Siegel – “Eerie Florida Night”
Michael Siegel – “Gaslight”
Amy Collings – “Doorway”
Anne Wasse-Lyon – “Sunset on the Lagoon”

Photo Tips and Tricks

Talk about a late entry! Sorry! In March, I presented a program on being a bit “creative” with not just photography, but even the equipment used. As an example, I took the finial off of a table lamp and screwed my camera to the top of the lamp. Voila! It becomes a makeshift tripod. Try dazzling family at the next get-together with that little trick when it’s time for the group photo on a timer, so you can get in the action as well!

I also demonstrated some examples of what can be done with photoshop for those who like to experiment. Rather than me reiterating the session, just do a search for Photoshop levitation photography, or cleaning up unwanted items from travel photography.

And we discussed making bokeh shapes using cutouts placed over your lens. Again, that is a technique that takes some practice, but if you are looking for a challenge over the summer, it’s rather fun.

A bit more low tech is adding saran wrap to your lens that is then completely or partially smeared with petroleum jelly. Makes quite an impact and you can get different results with variations. Overall, just experiment and let your camera guide you! Try taking a photo of reflections in water puddles, through bubbles, of shadow shapes…… just play! Thank you to the few who took on the challenge for a photo assignment of “playing” with your camera! Linda

Passing on some great online resources!

Thanks to everyone in the club who continues to keep us posted about great articles and online sites! There is no end to what we can learn by looking for information from that mysterious place known as “the web”!

A few places that I would suggest you check out are listed here:

Both of those sites offer a chance to subscribe to regular emails that offer instructional content and links to other great sites.  Another is:

Scott Kelby is a leading professional educational photographer and this site is full of tutorials that can be purchased one at a time or in packages.  I believe there is even a “try it for free” offer.  If you ever want to learn more on Lightroom, Photoshop, or just plain digital photography/videography, you can find a tutorial here.

Remember also to check out YouTube!  Anyone can place videos there and you will find many on just about any topic you are interested in, and some you probably would never have dreamed of…… for free.  There are more out there!  Just do a search one day on digital photography websites and you will find a big list.  Some are great, some not so much, but you WILL find one that answers any question you might have!  Happy searching!



Printing Photographs – January 9th Lunch & Learn

Shari Zellers from MyPhotopipe in Atlanta was our speaker. She is also an award winning photographer in her own right, but for MyPhotopipe, wears a number of hats, mostly working with professionals and consumers over the phone to answer all questions for the best way to get what’s on your camera/computer into print.

She spoke about the importance of monitor calibration so that the color on your monitor matches what you get back from the lab. She supplied attendees with a calibration sheet and the website explains how to do do the process.

Based on what we learned in Shari’s presentation, Linda & Sheila have purchased (with your dues money) a Datacolor Spyder5 Express monitor calibration tool that will soon be available FOR LOAN to club members who wish to try calibrating their monitors.

Shari also gave out sample packs of the different papers they offer. If you didn’t attend the meeting, the sample packs are available free through the company. And there were discount coupons! You can contact Shari through the website above or by calling 800-838-3146 or 404-881-3855.

While this sounds a bit like a meeting based on promoting a professional photo lab, it’s one of only a handful of companies that fits the mold of one that works with pros and hobbyists without distinction. It’s worth knowing what that kind of photo lab can do for you. Shari suggests that if you use their service and have and questions, you should call and mention that she spoke at our club to give her a reference and she will give you personal attention. She does so anyway, but she likes to hear from places where she has spoken.

Here is the link to Shari’s presentation: Shari Zellers presentation


September 16th Meeting Recap

At the September 15th Meeting of the Landlovers Photo Club we reviewed the elements of exposure (shutter speed, aperture and ISO).  Here are the examples submitted by Photo Club members of good exposure:

We also covered the basics of composition (focal point, rule of thirds, framing your subject, using lines to draw the viewer into your picture, balance and telling a story).  Here are the examples of good composition:


The assignment for this month is to shoot something small (not larger than 3X3 inches), making sure that it is separated from the background. Please email them to Sheila Grossman ( and Linda Copeland ( by October 14th. We are asking that you submit pictures that are between 300-800kb in size.

Summer’s Almost Over!

Soon we will back together on the island we call home.   We look forward to seeing you all again at our monthly meetings as well as at other local events and places near.  Our first meeting is September 16 and you will hear more on that soon.  For now, I just wanted to share a powerful slide presentation that was apparently put together by a 17 year old in 2012 as part of a school assignment.  The video is 2 minutes long and made up entirely of photographs gleaned from internet searches.   I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more compelling example of photography as art and as the visual representation of history and storytelling!  Enjoy and see you soon!  Linda