Our Gallery

These are photos from our April Assignment – “Red”


Amy Collings – “Spitting Image”
Cary Shapoff – “PHO-tograph in Red”
Ed Shapoff – “Pisa In Red”
Bruna Dinetz – “Rosso di Sera”
Cary Shapoff – “London Red”
Howard Hackney – “Tybee Cardinal”
Anne Wasse-Lyon – “Gulf Fritillary”
Doug Herrick – “Autumn in Savannah”
Toni Floyd – “Come One, Come All”
Peg Lanahan – “This Bud’s For You”
Sheila Grossman – “Sally Lightfoot Crabs”
Sherri Reddick – “Farm Stand Fresh”
Pam McCluskey – “Cardinal In Snow”
Dawn Cordo – “Face in the Flower”
Dawn Cordo – “Bottle Brush in the Snow”
Sherri Reddick – “Looking Up”
Anne Wasse-Lyon – “Gulf Fritillary”
Jayne Rogers – “Bottlebrush Rocket”
Ina Altman – “Stained Glass Lily”
Michael Siegel – “Totem”
Robin Clark – “Weighing the Bounty”
Sherri Reddick – “Looking Up”
Walt Thompson – “Rocky Redux”
Michael Siegel – “Sun Ripe”
Maureen Gordon – “Maxi Macaw”
Michael Hazuda – “Driving Away!”
Kim Huffman – “Savannahs Best”
Jim Guerard – “Patience”