Photo Club Resumes!

This year we will again “get out there and shoot” with monthly photo shoots providing hands-on learning.  Most photo shoots will focus on a particular aspect of photography.

Our November photo shoot will be November 15 at Colonial Park Cemetery, 200 Abercorn St., Savannah (intersection with Oglethorpe Ave) The focus for the November shoot will be black & white photography.

Our October photo shoot was at the Georgia State Railroad Museum. Reflecting the history of the place, our challenge was to make your photos look old too, using  settings in your camera such as sepia tone or vignette, or  software like Photoshop, Lightroom or Picasa. As always, the challenge was optional.  

DIRECTIONS: The cemetery is at 200 Abercorn St, Savannah. Take the Truman to Wheaton, which becomes Liberty. Turn right onto Abercorn and right onto Oglethorpe. Cemetery is on the corner.

REMINDER: To participate in Photo Club, you must be a member of Landlovers.  If you haven’t joined yet, sign up online at

Tribute to Our Churches

Last year, the club did a photo essay in tribute to Skidaway’s churches which provide so much support to our community. Click below to view “Grateful Praise.”

Grateful Praise


There are no Photo Club dues as we are not using any meeting spaces this year.

Landlovers Photography Club In Full Swing

The 2018-2019 season of the Landlovers Photography Club is in full swing.  Since kicking things off in October, we’ve had great meetings, really interesting guest speakers, wonderful photos taken by our members for our Monthly Assignment Photo Galleries, and a Winter Social and Group Photo Shoot at Delegal Marina (Check out the photo on the right.)  And ten new members joined our Club. Welcome!

At our meeting on January 15, our Club Co-Leader, Amy Collings, gave a talk on the “Evolution of Travel Photography”.  It was fascinating to see the earliest travel photos taken in the mid-19th century with cameras so big and heavy they needed to be moved around on wheels! And then to see how travel photos slowly changed over the years from flat, generally uninteresting compositions to beautifully composed images used in travelogues and published in books was really interesting.  Thanks, Amy!

For those of you not familiar with our club, for the last five years The Landlovers Photography Club has been helping our members, who range from beginners to experts, improve their skills and enjoy photography in a friendly, supportive group setting. To join us, you must first be a member of The Landings Landlovers. Once you join Landlovers, you can join our club for just $20 for the year, which goes to special events, group outings, and photography resources that any of our members can use for free. You do not have to pay to attend your first meeting. Come join us and, if you like what you see, you can pay us then.




March Photo Gallery – “Low Light and Night Photography”

Walt Tompkins – “Harbor Lights”

Sherri Reddick – Stairwell at Two Meeting House Place, Charleston

Sherri Reddick – Dusk at Two Meeting House Place, Charleston

Sherri Reddick – Danube Cruise, Parliament and Bridge

Bruna Dinetz – “The Canyons Village”

Cary Shapoff – “An Evening at the Thimbles”

Cary Shapoff – “Chain Bridge, Budapest”

Cary Shapoff – “Csaba’s New Home”

Cary Shapoff – “The Wine Cave Tasting Room”

Cary Shapoff – “The Wine Cave”

Dawn Cordo – “Heart”

Dawn Cordo – “Love Lights”

Donna Bunn – “Balloon Fest, Cincinnati”

Ed Shapoff – “Shanghai at Night”

Michael Siegel – “Ghost Birds”

Howard Hackney – “Full Morning Moon”

Jayne Rogers – “Full Moon Over the Marsh”

Jim Guerard – “Denali Sunrise”

Jim Guerard – “Northern Lights in Iceland”

Jim Guerard – “Patagonia Sunrise”

Jim Guerard – “Sunset, Sydney, Australia”

Jim Guerard – “The Louvre During the Blue Hour”

Karen Dove-Barr – “Last Christmas”

Linda Copeland – “Beachfront Sunrise”

Linda Copeland – “Walk Toward the Light”

Michael Siegel – “Eerie Florida Night”

Michael Siegel – “Gaslight”

Amy Collings – “Doorway”

Anne Wasse-Lyon – “Sunset on the Lagoon”

October Photo Club Gallery – Close-up Nature Photos (Click on the first image to see a Slideshow)


September Assignment – “Summer Memories” Gallery

Photo Tips and Tricks

Talk about a late entry! Sorry! In March, I presented a program on being a bit “creative” with not just photography, but even the equipment used. As an example, I took the finial off of a table lamp and screwed my camera to the top of the lamp. Voila! It becomes a makeshift tripod. Try dazzling family at the next get-together with that little trick when it’s time for the group photo on a timer, so you can get in the action as well!

I also demonstrated some examples of what can be done with photoshop for those who like to experiment. Rather than me reiterating the session, just do a search for Photoshop levitation photography, or cleaning up unwanted items from travel photography.

And we discussed making bokeh shapes using cutouts placed over your lens. Again, that is a technique that takes some practice, but if you are looking for a challenge over the summer, it’s rather fun.

A bit more low tech is adding saran wrap to your lens that is then completely or partially smeared with petroleum jelly. Makes quite an impact and you can get different results with variations. Overall, just experiment and let your camera guide you! Try taking a photo of reflections in water puddles, through bubbles, of shadow shapes…… just play! Thank you to the few who took on the challenge for a photo assignment of “playing” with your camera! Linda

Taking Portraits in a Studio Lighting Set-Up


We had a very interesting session in the Photography Club last month. We explored portrait lighting using three different backgrounds and lighting kits. I gave a brief presentation of the various kinds of portrait lighting. If you haven’t seen it yet, click Studio lighting February 2016 to access the pdf file from the presentation.

We then broke into groups and each group was given the opportunity to take portraits against a white, black or mottled blue background with a mixture of light sources. Below you will find a variety of shots taken by all of our groups. Please take a couple of minutes to look through them and see the difference the background, lighting and composition makes.




September 16th Meeting Recap

At the September 15th Meeting of the Landlovers Photo Club we reviewed the elements of exposure (shutter speed, aperture and ISO).  Here are the examples submitted by Photo Club members of good exposure:

We also covered the basics of composition (focal point, rule of thirds, framing your subject, using lines to draw the viewer into your picture, balance and telling a story).  Here are the examples of good composition:


The assignment for this month is to shoot something small (not larger than 3X3 inches), making sure that it is separated from the background. Please email them to Sheila Grossman ( and Linda Copeland ( by October 14th. We are asking that you submit pictures that are between 300-800kb in size.

Bonaventure Photo Shoot – June 28, 2014

When was that anyway?  Seems like so long ago!  As you will recall, the off island photo shoot was all about the use of reflectors to capture light.  Thanks to all who came out and tried their hand at something new.  LOVED the results!

If you weren’t there and would like my handout, here it is.  Reflectors are very inexpensive and come in many sizes.  It usually takes 2 people to use them so you need an assistant OR you can attach one to a frame…..

These were by Anne Wasse-Lyon with no added light, some and more with reflectors:

Betsy Smith- Frame in frame
ISO 100, f5.6, 1/60
Betsy Smith
ISO125, f5.6, 1/125 sec, 70 mm
Betsy Smith
ISO 200, f5.6, 1/125

David Leslie
People in natural settings-
Hasselblad w trix
rated at320
f14, 1/30
hand and breath held
David Leslie
Nikon D200
Digital color desaturated
David Leslie
Hasselblad with trix
rated at 320
f22, 1/30
Janet Johnston
Janet JohnstonSilver reflector

Janet Johnston
Gold reflector

Karen Dove-Barr
Stop motion
Karen Dove-Barr
Stop motion
Maryce Cunningham
Without reflector
Maryce CunninghamWith reflector
Maryce Cunningham
ISO 50, f5.6, 1/200
focal length 6mm
Linda Copeland
ISO 320, f6.3, 1/400
270 mm focal
Maureen GordonISO 400, f11, 1320

18mm focal length

Maureen Gordon-reflected lightISO400, f11, 1/400

18 mm focal length

Maureen GordonLandscape

ISO 400, f7.1, 1/160

Piper HawesWith reflector
Piper HawesWithout reflector
Piper HawesStop motion
Shirley BrownISO 100, f 8.0, 1/250

Without reflector

Shirley BrownISO 100, f 80, 1/250

With reflector

 Shirley BrownLandscape

ISO 100, f 5.6, 1/500

105 focal length

Sharry GerosaLandscape macro
Sharry GerosaWith reflector
Sharry GerosaWithout reflector
Sharry GerosaWith reflector
Rick Cunningham
Mary MolnarCanon 40D

Using reflector, ISO 400, f 8.1, 1/160

Mary MolnarCanon 40D

Using reflector, ISO 400, f 10, 1/250

Art Altman
Art Altman
Ina Altman
Ina Altman
Patty BrindleWithout reflector
Patty BrindleWith reflector
Patty BrindleLandscape
Sheila GrossmanWithout reflector
Sheila GrossmanWith reflector
Sheila GrossmanFrame within frame

Hope everyone has a great holiday and a continuing great summer!  Remember, we are asking that everyone send in a photo of what you did/where you were on July 4!  Send them QUICKLY and we will work to get them posted fast.  I promise.  Not like this last time!  🙂  Linda and Sheila